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Easy maternity clothing hack


Why this sort of thing isn’t standard in maternity wear I don’t know. But it’s pretty easy to DIY, even if you don’t sew.

Because when I get to a certain point in pregnancy my shirts ride up. Or generally get too short. Perhaps I’m disproportionate, but I’m also short with a short torso, so you wouldn’t think that maternity shirts would be too short.

Anyhow. Here’s what you do:

Take any shirt with a bottom hem. Cut a hole. If the shirt has side seams I cut one small hole near each side seam.


Measure yourself a piece of elastic. I like this thinner type, but really whatever fits in your seam. I pull a piece from hip to hip making sure it has enough tension. Basically not loose.

Insert elastic into hole and thread through the seam. A good way to do this is to use a safety pin. I’ve also used crochet hooks and seam rippers. Safety pin is probably easiest though.


Sew the holes and elastic up on each side.


You should now have a elasticated hem in the front of your shirt.

Look, it stays put! (on my not even 30 week belly that has outgrown some shirts already)


I have made several undershirts like this as well as altered some other maternity shirts. No riding up here!




I had a cute idea the other day. I was thinking of things I could decorate the butt of some pants I was making for Thing 2 with. I thought about ruffles but I have a fundamental dislike of ruffle butts. I think it comes from dressing little girls in too short dresses and expecting to see their ruffled bloomers or underwear. Something about that really rubs me the wrong way. Like it’s cutesy sexualization. So no butt ruffles. Logically you would think that this should extend to all butt decorations. Maybe if I were being rational it would. But it doesn’t seem to.

Anyhow, I had the idea that I could sew on cute monster faces. Some scissor time and sewing later and I made enough eyes and teeth for a pair of pants for Thing 2 and a shirt (stock unfavourite black tee from Kmart. Much cheaper at $6 than me trying to sew my own shirt) for Thing 1.

It was very easy. I didn’t take pictures during, but I should be able to describe the process.

Cut some circles for eyes. Cut some smaller circles for pupils. Sew the pupils to the eyeballs.

Draw some jagged teeth on a folded piece of cloth. Sew along the lines and then turn inside out so the stitching is hidden.

Sew the top of the teeth/mouth on. Leave the bottoms of the teeth hanging loose.

Sew the eyeballs on.

All done!



Yeah it’s a bit blurry..


Now, some things I took into account: Eyeballs are not on boobies. I lowered them a bit so they are more on the belly. Adjust according to child.

One thing I should have done was raise the eyeballs and teeth on the pants. They curl under a bit too much. The eyes should be up closer to the waistband.  There are likely to be more of these though. So sew and learn I guess.