Musical animals


So my sister thoughtfully gave Thing 1 a musical bear when she was born. Now this bear doesn’t just play music, no, this bear was equipped with Cloud services. You could put whatever you wanted on this bear. You could share stories and song and all sorts of stuff. So the company advertised.

Being boring, we put some music of our choosing on this bears 2GB mp3 drive. It plays on repeat for about an hour then shuts off. It helps Thing 1 get to sleep. Unfortunately this bear is also a bit crappy. After 2.5 years the buttons sometimes don’t work. When I tried to buy a replacement to have on hand and an additional bear for Thing 2 the company couldn’t process my payment because I was overseas (a company that advertises itself as catering to spread out families. Boooo). I was a bit peeved. I also found that these type of products- customizable music playing stuffed animals or inserts for stuffed animals that play custom music are pretty rare or fairly expensive for what they are- to wit: an MP3 player and some speakers.

So I figured out how to make my own musical animal. We don’t care about the cloud services. If you did there are services like Dropbox and Google Drive and so on for that sort of thing.

So here is what you need:

An animal, pillow etc.



An mp3 player.


Pillow speakers or a 5W speaker (I found pillow speakers a cheap workable alternative. They are set up like headphones but have speakers on the end. Neat)




A stitch ripper.

Take your animal (this was a giggling monkey. He’s soft and all- a gift from my lovely boss, but I can’t be having with the giggling), and rip open the back. Do it neatly.


Pull some stuffing out


That’s stuffing and his giggle box.



Sew and hem a pouch big enough for your mp3 player and speakers.


Connect the pouch to the animal and sew velcro to the edges




Put your music of choice on the mp3 player. You can make an hour long playlist or more or less and leave it on repeat. We want to save batteries (this is a computer rechargeable model of mp3 player)

Connect the speakers and put everything in the pouch.



To turn on you will need to open the animal, but then away you go.




Alternately if you aren’t the best seamstress (really I had to haphazardly hand sew that velcro on there. It doesn’t look great in my efforts to make it strong), find some type of toy that is already designed to be opened up and stick your mp3 player and speakers in there. GloWorms and SeaHorses are good candidates.



Now I just need to put some better lullaby music on the mp3 player. Not that there’s anything wrong with using Siouxsie and the Banshees…


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