The Giraffe hat


A while ago I found a mouse hat for Thing 2 on clearance. Seeing as I used to call her mouse it seemed fitting. Enter sibling jealousy. Thing 1 snitches the hat and is generally jealous of it. So I tell her I will make her a hat. What does she want? A giraffe hat. Ok. I can do that right? I knit a lot like I sew. With mental patterns and only really following a rough guide, if at all. So I pick up some fuzzy yellow, black and brown yarn on clearance and it sits in the closet for a while. I wanted to finish a sweater I had been working on since I was pregnant with Thing 2 first. So I finish the sweater (which Thing 1 picked out the yarn for, the sweater is for her and she won’t wear it. Naturally) and get started on the hat. Hats are easy. I like hats. So I whip it out in a few days. I think it looks ok, though it turned out big. Everything always does. That whole no pattern thing biting me in the ass probably. It also weighs a ton. For a wooly hat anyhow.

Yes I even made ears and wooly horns.  I have a lot of brown yarn left over. I thought about making Thing 2 a wooly hat for daycare, but then that starts off the sibling jealousy again and I’ll have to make something else for Thing 1 that she won’t wear…

ghat1 ghat2


So she wore it when I finished it, but since then it’s been languishing on the living room floor and she’s been braving the cold outside with just a coat hood.  Maybe it will be like the various skirts and she will decide she actually does like it in a few weeks. It fits me, so unless she loses it, it’s a hat for life.


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